Jump Dash Hero


Run and jump your way to 1st place!

READY your finger and test your reflexes in exciting 5 man multiplayer races. Jump over obstacles, time your turns, and boost your way to the top of the podium.

SET in a world of anything goes… Race on sunny pirate beaches, jump through zero-gravity space stations, avoid the lava in underground mines and more! With more tracks that you unlock, so does the difficulty increase and skill of the challengers faced.

GO crazy customizing your character with tons of skins and animations. Every race win earns you coins to dress up your character anyway you want. There is no right or wrong. In fact, the more wrong it looks, the more right it feels.


  • Simple Tap control to jump, turn and boost
  • Level up to unlock new race tracks
  • Multiplayer races with real players
  • Challenge friends in 1v1 races
  • Top the Hero leaderboard
  • Customize your super cute avatar