Dash For Cash


Challenge people around the world with Skillz, the #1 competition platform on mobile. Compete with cash or virtual currency for prizes, and get rewarded just for playing!


  • Simple controls, short matches. Perfect to play anywhere.
  • Easy to learn and play, yet challenging at higher skill levels.
  • Game is completely free to play.
  • Multiplayer competitions with Skillz (www.skillz.com)


  • You have three lives per match.
  • You have 3 minutes to reach finishing line.
  • Boosts fill up a bar that will trigger Fever Mode, that makes all boost tiles perfect and gives a shield for 5 seconds. Perfect and Great boosts fill the bar faster than Good.


  • Distance score : Get points until all 3 lives are lost.
  • Boosts : Perfect Boosts gives more points than Great and Good.
  • Perfect Streak : 3rd Perfect Boost will trigger a score multiplier, that grows with each consecutive Perfect
  • Collect Coins : Each coin gives additional points.
  • Bonus Time : Time remaining is converted to points IF you reach the finishing line.

Cash & Prize Tournaments

  • Tournament mode, providing a competitive experience.
  • Win real world prizes through skill based gameplay with high stakes!
  • Players can compete in cash tournaments through an entry fee.
  • Cash tournaments are only available in countries and states that legally allows it. Please check to ensure your eligibility.